Important steps to selling your home

Partner with a REALTOR

Statistics show that selling a home with a Realtor as your partner usually yields a better price than selling it yourself. No one can be an expert at everything, but Realtors are experts in buying and selling homes and stay current on all the laws, regulations and technicalities of real estate transactions as well as market conditions.

And one important and often overlooked role of a Realtor is that he or she provides needed objectivity at a time when emotions might begin to dominate. A Realtor doesn’t have an emotional attachment to the home you are selling or buying. Their job is to look after your best interests.

Before listing your home

You never want to start showing your home before it’s in great condition. Here are some steps to help you do just that.

  • Touch up interior and exterior paint as needed.
  • If carpeting and flooring is worn or dated, consider replacing it.
  • Remember you only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure the front of your home has great curb appeal. Keep the lawn mowed and trimmed as well as trimming bushes and plants as needed. Keep leaves raked in the fall and the snow shoveled away in winter.
  • Keep the interior of your house clean. If there’s evidence of pets, eliminate it. Odors are another thing to eliminate. And remember to de-clutter, removing family photos and other personal items.
  • Don’t use your garage or basement to store excess belongings, but put them in storage instead. Give away, throw away or donate items you no longer use or need.
  • A pre-listing inspection is never a bad. Since buyers will hire their own inspector, it’s an advanced opportunity to head off problems.
  • Some sellers also hire professional stagers to give your home just the right appeal.


While your home is listed

  • Try to be absent when prospects visit. If that’s not possible, try to be inconspicuous.
  • Fresh flowers, especially in the entryway, always make a good first impression.
  • Don’t immediately reject offers that are below what you expected, but consult with your agent to determine how best to proceed.
  • Hopefully, your Realtor has listed your home at just the right price. But if there aren’t any offers after several months, you may want to consider coming down on price.
  • And do your best not to get discouraged. Depending on market conditions, homes can take longer to sale. But it’s only a matter of time before the right buyer comes along. And Greg Harrelson here at Century 21 the Harrelson Group has the tools and expertise to needed to find the right buyer for you.


Help your agent

While your Realtor will be sure to keep you updated, it’s important that you keep your Realtor updated as well. You’ve hired them for their expertise, so be sure to use it, coordinating all showings with your agent and referring prospects who want to talk about your property or its price to them.

And remember whether you’re looking to sell or buy one of many great Myrtle Beach homes for sale, there’s no smarter first step than calling the Myrtle Beach specialist, Greg Harrelson, at Century 21 the Harrelson Group today.

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